• ObservationPorts

    Airslide® Observation Ports

    Simple mechanical design and construction using a cast iron base mounting and cover with steel tee bolt and hold down bar. Rotating the hold down bar counterclockwise permits cover removal. Reverse procedure locks bar against cast integral catches on the mounting. Turning the threaded tee bolt increases or decreases pressure on the cover and the bar against the catches. The cover uses an “O” ring seal made of “Buna N” synthetic material to form a tight seal.

    FLSmidth can make available ports constructed of stainless steel and other materials to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Airslide Railcar Breather/Filter

    Airslide® Railcar Breather/Filter

    The FLSmidth Airslide® Car Breather is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel for all weather applications.

    The breather is mounted on one of the open loading hatches the Airslide® Car and is fitted with lugs to permit secure clamping in position using the hatch cover bolts.

    The breather uses a replaceable woven Dacron fabric filter element with high permeability and filtering efficiency up to 300 CFM. Larger air volumes will require additional breathers on the car.

  • Air Filters for Railcars

    FLSmidth Railcar Air Filters are constructed of high strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel in a formed weather housing.

    The railcar filters feature a replaceable polyurethane catridge of high efficiency and permeability that can be washed and reused. The filter element is mounted on an expanded metal cage within the weather housing. Capable of passing 1350 CFM (38.2 cmm) free air at a pressure drop of only 0.6” (15.2 mm) gauge.

  • Pnue-Boost Conveying Bosster

    Pneu-Boost™ Conveying Booster

    • Overall system sizing analysis by FLSmidth ensures a properly designed system
    • Increased rates from delivery vehicles means faster turnaround
    • Low weight and compact skid mounted package design provides space saving and mobility
    • External air supply (by FLS or Customer) proves fuel savings for delivery vehicle
    • Self regulating system essentially eliminates plugged lines
    • Completely assembled and ready for use
    • Carbon steel construction with sch 40 pipe
    • 4” (102 mm) flanged inlet air pipe and 3” (76 mm) outlet air pipe to PD vehicle
    • 6” (152 mm) internal convey pipe
    • Est. weight: 650 lbs. (295 kg)
    • Dimensions: 66”l x 31”w x 42”h (168 cm x 79 cm x 107 cm)
    • PDB# 1344391

  • Bulk Trailer/Railcar

    The FLSmidth Loading Spout uses a solidly constructed inlet neck and thimble with an integral dust vent connection. Three sections of internal telescopic steel pipe are swivel mounted within the thimble. The telescopic tubing is housed within the external 24-inch (610 mm) diameter ribbed spring-flex duct. The discharge flange connection is lined with a rubber gasket to assure positive surface contact on 20-inch (508 mm) diameter hatches.

    Movement is controlled with a motor-operated hoist using wire rope cable. The telescopic spout retracts to a length of 4’ 7-11/16” (1422 mm) and extends a distance of 9’ 3-11/16” (2845 mm) from the inlet connection. Safety chain is provided to prevent over-extension.

    Motor and Hoist
    1/2 ton capacity. 1/2 h.p. (0.37 kw); single speed, motor 230/460 Volts, 3 phase, 60 Hertz with built-in upper and lower adjustable limit switches and controller.

    Support plate and brackets for the hoist arrangement.

  • Abrasion Resistant Pipeline Fittings

    Materials of Construction
    Fittings are cast throughout their entire thickness with FLSmidth 450, abrasion-resistant cast iron with 475-550 Brinell hardness.

    Fittings are generally available in nominal diameters ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches (100 to 300 mm) in size.
    Wearbacks are available as integral castings or replaceable bolted units.
    Standard end style is plain end for compression type couplings and/or flanged adapters. Cast flanged ends are also available in certain configurations. Consult availability chart below for standard size and configurations.

  • Abrasion Resistant Fittings for Plastics Industry

    Fittings are cast of either 356.0 - T6 or SR319.0 - T51 (75-85 BHN). Internal surfaces have a diamond pattern finish proven to reduce wear and streamers. Standard end styles are plain end for compression type reducing couplings, flanged (150 lb. std.) and Victaulic® groove ends available.

    Sizes: 3", 4", 5", 6" 8", 10", 12" (75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm)
    Bend Angles: 90°, 60° , 45°, 30°

  • Material Level Indicator (Bin Signal)
  • Decentralezed,Economical Dust Control

    Decentralized, Economical Dust Control

    Uni-Filters are available in six sizes, with varying capacities. Hopper bottom units have a 7" (175 mm) square discharge flange as standard. Discharge devices available are: slide gate, swing gate, trickle valve, and motor operated 8" (200 mm) rotary discharge lock.

    Uni-Filters of stainless steel or aluminum can be furnished for special applications.

    Multiple compartment Uni-Filters with air valves and timers for automatic operation are available.

  • Ds Filter

    DS Filter


    General - Jet-Pulse™ Dust Collector Side Access Series is a compact modular shop assembled unit with an automatic self-cleaning system that utilizes pulse jets of high pressure air to provide efficient, thorough cleaning with no internal moving parts. Bag and cage inspection/replacement is through a full size (16 1/2" x 5’ 10") hinged and gasketed door in the housing.
    It handles volumes ranging from 500 to 12,000 CFM (14.2 to 340 cmm) providing an ideal, inexpensive solution to many dust collecting problems.

    Bags - Made from 14 to 16 oz/yd2 polyester needled scrim supported felt. Total cloth area ranges from 170 to 1880 square feet (16 to 175 m2). Bags are 5" (125 mm) diameter by 8’ (2438 mm) long.

    Cages - Fabricated of 1/8" (3.18 mm) steel wire.

    Plenum - Made from 12 gauge all welded carbon steel to withstand A20" W.G. differential pressure. Each row of bags is provide with one 11/2" (38 mm) pulse valve.

    Housing - Fabricated from 12 gauge all welded carbon steel to withstand A20" W.G. differential pressure. Seals and gaskets capable of withstanding 425° F (218° C). Housing access door (16 1/2" wide x 5’ 10" high), hinged and gasketed with quick opening latches.

    Hopper - Single Pyramid type, fabrication from 10 and 12 gauge carbon steel complete with inlet stub and baffle, reinforced for ±20" W.G.

    Standard Hopper Discharge - FLSmidth's Shrouded Rotary Lock, complete with 1/2 H.P., 35 R.P.M output, right angle gearmotor; chain drive and OSHA guard. Motor voltage 230/460/3/60.

    Structural Supports - Fabricated steel supports to provide for 40" (1016 mm) clearance below discharge lock; designed for 30 PSF (0.01 Kg/cm2).

    Timer - Solid State, full adjustability of pulse length 0.05 to 0.8 seconds and full adjust- ability of interval between pulses 0.05 to 0.130 seconds. Nema IV Timer enclosure. Voltage 115/1/60.

    Options - Roof-mounted direct drive fan to 2000 CFM (56.6 cmm) cleanside access through roofmounted doors.

    Accessories - Compressed air header with drain cock. 1 1/2" (38 mm) pulse valve. Magnehelic pressure gauge.

    Assembly - Housing completely assembled. Hopper and supports assembled to housing. Timer shipped separately for field installation. Units shipped without bags and cages installed.