• AerationUnit

    Airslide® Aeration Unit Packages

    Each Airslide® Aeration Unit Package consists of standard FLSmidth 8-inch (200 mm) open type Airslide® conveyor units in lengths of 5 and 10 feet (1.5 and 3 m) depending on the slope length of the conical storage area. Each package consists of three or six Airslide® conveyor units for layout as three or six spoke patterns. Three spoke patterns are normally used with materials which have good fluidizable characteristics. Six spoke patterns provide maximum aeration for difficult materials which can be fluidized.
    Airslide® conveyor units have been successfully used in handling fine, dry materials such as cement, gypsum, soda ash, fly ash and dusts, barites, bentonite, hydrated lime, ground limestone, ground ores, alumina, alumina hydrate, catalysts, silica, phosphates, talc, detergent and soap powder, calcined magnesite and other materials. Material should be generally no less than 40 percent passing 200 mesh.

    Each unit is a standard 8-inch (200 mm) Airslide® conveyor unit [10-inch (250 mm) installation width] constructed of fabricated steel plate covered with a specially woven polyester fabric which can handle materials up to 350°F (175°C).

    Air Supply
    A source of clean, dry air is required. Minimum SCFM for each package is listed. Pressures should be 3 - 5 PSIG (.21 - .35 Kg/cm2) minimum at the aeration unit. Blower units, such as Sutorbilt/Roots blower units offered by FLSmidth, are a reliable, economical source of air for the aeration packages.

  • Aeration Units (Pad Type)

    Floor-mounted aeration units are normally used for installation on the flat or sloping floor of silos and are constructed with a pressed steel casing into which the aeration plate is cemented.

    Flange-mounted aeration units employ a cast iron casing with flanged face for surface mounting on the bin cone or slope sheets.

    Both types utilize a porous ceramic plate as the basic aeration element and are fitted with standard pipe connections to admit the fluidizing air.
    The aeration units can be used with materials up to 400°F (200°C). Units also feature replaceable filter elements for greater economy.
    Air requirements:15 cfm (0.42 cmm) at 3 psi (0.21 Kg/cm2)

  • Fullerator High Flow Aeration / Vibration Pad

    The Fullerator™ aeration pad solves even the most difficult material flow problems by combining aeration with vibration. The rubber pad creates an aggressive vibration on the vessel floor or wall as the result of airflow. Vibration is very effective to enhance flow for all types of dry bulk materials.

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  • Bulk Unloading Accessories

    The general arrangement drawing provided illustrates the approximate location and usage of standard equipment items available for pneumatic trailer unloading operations. All items are size for use on 4-inch (100 mm) I.D. pipeline.

    Filters offered are UNI-FILTER dust collectors which are open-bottom and flanged for easy installation on the roof of storage areas. Normally, these filters are selected on the basis of fan capacity of the collector being approximately twice the truck blower capacity. Standard unit sizes 2FM, 3FM and 4FM can satisfy most intermittent filtering requirements. The Watch-dog Timer should be specified for the appropriate voltage to control collector cleaning cycle.

    Piping including the standard 4-foot (1.2 m) radium pipe bend is 4-inch (100 mm) diameter Schedule 40 black steel pipe. Straight sections are for use with 4-inch (100 mm) Standard 150# slip on flanges. Specify number and quantity of each item desired Quick disconnect couplings for the silo conveying line should be selected on the basis of the trailer fitting matching male to female or vice versa. Male adapters use a cover. Female adapters use a dust plug.

    UNI-FILTER No. 2FM with 200 sq. ft. polyester cloth 1/3 HP 230/460 V. 3 Ph. 60 Hz. TENV Shaker Gearmotor U-11 Arr. 4 Fan 800 CFM at 6.00” W.G. bottom horiz. fan motor 2 HP 230/460 V. 3 Ph. 60 Hz. TEFC T-frame. Fan includes discharge damper.

    Note : Larger units are available in Conveying Equipment and Accessories.