• Ful-lube2

    Our Ful-Lube™-2 compressor lubricator is designed to keep your Ful-Vane rotary vane compressor properly lubricated for up to 30 days without refilling.
    New design features include:

  • Heavy gauge welded steel tank with level sight gauge, drain ports, and threaded connections
  • Pop Open Pressure Relief valve (POPR™) replaces rupture discs and is reset with a simple snap action
  • Oil priming bowl provides constant oil supply at pump inlet for increased ease of priming with included manual purge gun
  • Improved in-line filter with cleanable element
  • Removable mounting base with fixed motor and lube pump box for easy replacement or repair
  • Same compact footprint as our original Ful-Lube lubrication system

    Protect your Ful-Vane compressors from failure due to loss of lubrication, and cut back on wasted oil consumption.
  • Divider block ensures accurate lubrication distribution, while over-pressure indication pins easily identify troublesome lube lines
  • Class 1 Div 1 no-flow switch with optional relay provides reliable compressor shutdown if a loss of oil flow occurs
  • 1/3 HP motor direct drive pumping arrangement eliminates the risk of belt failures
  • One operating and one standby pump minimize downtime
  • Available in duplex arrangement for a duplex compressor application

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    • Fast, simple upgrade and installation
    • Unit fits existing direct drive motor location
    • Increased motor reliability
    • Decreased maintenance
    • Standardization of motor supply
    The Ful-Power™ High Efficiency Upgrade for your Ful-Vane™ Compressor
    6 Steps to Increase Ful-Vane™ Compressor Efficiency and Dependability
    • Power
    • Controls
    • Lubrication
    • Air quality
    • Cooling
    • Housekeeping
    The issue of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly relevant as electricity costs continue to rise. The Cement Industry is now competing in an environment of rising energy costs and the uncertainty of available electricity at any costs. Downtime due to equipment failure and preventable operational errors further affects the industry's efficiencies and profitability.

    The Ful-Power High Efficiency Upgrade is comprised of three major components joined together, which bring the FLSmidth Ful-Vane™ compressor to its highest capability, reliability and longevity. The robust design of the FLSmidth Ful-Vane compressor makes it the ideal compressor for severe, dirty and harsh surroundings. The cement industry is one of the most brutal environments for all rotating equipment and not just any compressor is up to the challenge. Technology upgrades are available to further enhance these attributes and accentuate its already high efficiency and reliability.

  • Black Velvet Blades (B-3000)

    New age technology for conventional compressors

    Reduce your maintenance costs with F.L.Smidth

    No cylinder will fail due to our Black Velvet blades™, or we will replace it free

    • Lasts 4 to 5 times longer than phenolic or kevlar blades
    • Reduces cylinder failure
    • Less lubrication needed
    • Extends the life of the compressor

  • The TSS -1000 Control System

    The TSS-2000 Control System included in the module, as manufactured by TESCORP, is a panel designed for compressor safety and efficient operation of all important compressor unit functions. Interfaced to the plant "PLC" control and operating systems, the monitoring sensors and control logic safeguard the compressor from damage due to the following functions:

    • High water temperature
    • High air temperature
    • Dirty inlet air filter
    • Motor failure
    • No water flow
    • High compressor vibration
    • High discharge pressure
    • Low oil flow

  • Closed Loop Radiator-type Water Cooling System

    • For use in hard water and dirty water environments
    • Allows for consistent control of water supply to compressor

  • Single-stage-rotary-compres-1

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    Red = Basic Kit
    Blue + Red = Complete Kit

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