• Ful-Vane Air Compressors

    Ful-Vane® Air Compressors

    • Rugged design for even the harshest environments
    • Reliable
    • Easily maintained by the customer
    • World-class warranty
    Sliding-Vane Technology for Efficiency and Durability

    USA-built Ful-Vane air compressors are backed by over 75 years of industry know-how. With over 26000 units in service, FLSmidth is one of the largest manufacturers of rotary vane compressors in the world.

    FLSmidth parts warehouses and service centers are strategically located and staffed with well-trained personnel. These advantages, added to the superior design engineering of our entire product line, make Ful-Vane compressors ideal choices in today’s cost-conscious economy.

    Choose the capacity and pressure rating that fits - capacities to 3000 cfm and pressures between 15 and 45 psig. Typical applications include pneumatic conveying, sewage aeration, slurry agitation and in-plant process air. Whatever your application, a Ful-Vane compressor can supply the air you need, where you need it.

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    Ful-Vane® Gas Compressors reduce operating costs and increase reliability

    • Coal bed methane
    • Stock tank vapor recovery
    • Shale bed methane
    • Digestor gas recovery
    • Landfill gas recovery
    • Vacuum cooling
    • Refrigeration

    Rugged and suited for harsh environments, Ful-Vane compressors utilize sliding vane technology for increased efficiency, reliability and durability. Ful-Vane compressors also feature rebuildable housings and rotors and are field repairable, minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance and ownership costs. Available in flow ranges from 50 MSCFD to 4.3 MMSCFD and with pressure ranges from -29.8" Hg to +125 psig, Ful-Vane compressors will suit virtually all applications.