• V-Series Rotary Feeder/Airlocks

    FLSmidth’s V-Series rotary airlock is designed to feed pneumatic conveying systems efficiently and at high-pressure differentials, up to 29 psig (2 bar). The V-Series feeder handles dry, fine powder or granular product in vacuum or pressure conveying systems.

    The 10-vane open or closed end rotor design minimizes slip leakage while efficiently feeding through large inlet and outlet openings. The inlet flange has an inverted integrally cast plow for deflecting granular material. Pressurized air from the pockets is vented through a vent connection, keeping the air out of the inlet flange and maintaining even material flow.

    The rotor shaft seals minimize air leakage with mechanical lip-type bronze labyrinth seals. The bearings are sealed deep ball bearings that provide very tight peripheral and end clearances. Connections for air purge seal protection are provided with single solenoid and pressure regulator.

    The drive system includes a direct mounted right-angle bevel gear motor, TEFC, severe duty with integral variable speed drive (VFD) for modulating speeds of 30 rpm to 6 rpm. The V-Series feeder is both NFPA and ATEX rated and is available in six sizes: V200 to V600.

  • Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Feeder

    • Cast body and end plate for 8", 10" & 16" x 27"
    • All metric feeders - Ductile iron body and cast iron end plates
    • 0.100” (2.54 mm) thick ceramic bore
    • Tungsten carbide throat protection
    • Heavy-duty fabricated 8-vane rotor
    • Tungsten carbide rotor vane and shroud tips, 0.100” (2.54mm) thick
    • Air purge seal connections
    • Air gap between seals and bearings
    • Outboard sealed ball bearings
    • Maximum operating temperature: 200°F (100°C)
    Abrasion Resistant feeders are available with :
    • Rotors, 0.100" (2.54mm) tungsten carbide overlay on tips of vanes and shroud
    • Body, 0.100" high alumina ceramic tile bore with strip of 0.100" tungsten carbide at the leading edge of the throat at the bore
    Available as basic assemblies and motor drives

  • Feeder Metric Series (Airlock)

    The Metric feeder is ruggedly constructed to maintain roundness. It can be furnished with either a closed or open end rotor. The throat inlet is angled to induce a shearing action for smoother operation. An optional port is available and extends the full length of the body. It may be used as an inspection panel and clean-out port. The inlet flange easily adapts to a square or a standard 125 Ib. ASA flange on Models 150, 300, 700, 2500.

    Two basic designs are available - open or closed end. All rotors have eight (8) vanes with a minimum of four (4) vanes sealing at all times to minimize leakage. Rotors can be furnished with beveled blades and hard-coated tips as required.

    End Plates
    Designed to assure efficient sealing of the shaft with two (2) lip seals and two (2) lantern rings or three (3) rows of packing and one (1) lantern ring per end plate. Pipe taps are provided for the air purge and lubrication of the lip seals. Standard design includes lantern rings, lip seals and outboard sealed bearings.

    Motor Mounting
    Motor support lugs are cast as an integral part of the feeder body to permit the mounting of a gearmotor directly on the unit, resulting in a compact package requiring minimum space.

    Motor Drive
    All integral horsepower gearmotors are TEFC, 1.15 Service Factor, Class "F" insulation and corrosion-resistant. All standard gearmotors are 230/460 volts, three (3) phase, 60 Hz. Standard drives are roller chain with OSHA approved guards. Oil bath guards are also available.

    Note: All standard Feeders (Airlocks) are designed to handle material in conveying systems that operate up to a maximum pressure differential of 5 PSIG (1.05 Kg/cm2).

  • Open End Rotor

    The DA Feeder introduces material into the conveying system at highest volumetric efficiency when material flow into the feeder is controlled to permit free venting. The feeder may be used under a head of material when appropriate aeration is provided to create a path for relief of the reverse air flow. In operation, air enters a single inlet and passes into the rotor pocket through two (2) ducts integrally cast in the end plates, assuring complete fluidization and discharge. High efficiency is attained through the combination of gravity and air-sweeping of the fluidized material into the conveying line. This design principle assists greatly in discharging materials which have a tendency of hanging up in the rotor pockets. DA Feeder permits the use of smaller sized components and related equipment in pressure pneumatic conveying systems resulting in savings in initial equipment cost, installation cost and space requirements.
    Available with or without motor drive, discharge pan and support base

    The DA Feeder is constructed of machined #50 cast iron and incorporates a deep packing gland, outboard anti-friction bearings and an extra heavy shaft. Lantern rings are provided to permit use of purge air when handling fine, powdery material to prevent contamination of shaft packing.

    The DA Feeder cast iron rotor features eight (8) equal pockets with volumes up to 1.6 cubic feet ( .05m3 ) per revolution. Rotors with beveling on the trailing edge are recommended for handling materials that have a tendency to smear.

    The DA Feeder is designed for pressure differentials up to 18 PSIG (1.27 Kg/cm2).

    Motor Mounting
    Motor support lugs are cast as an integral part of the feeder body to permit the mounting of a gear motor directly on the units, resulting in a compact package requiring minimum space.

    The DA Feeder with motor is equipped with a three (3) phase, 230/460 Volt A.C. 60Hz.TEFC, right angle motor unit. Sprocket and chain assembly with protective guard is included.

    Discharge Pan and Support Base are optional and available at additional cost.

  • Open Te Rotary (Airlock)

    When installed in a pressure conveying system, the use of (optional) Lantern Rings and (standard) Air Purge is recommended when fine powdery material is being conveyed to prevent contamination of packing and bearing. The air purge should be set 2 to 4 PSIG (.14 to .28 Kg/cm2) above conveying line pressure.

    Body and End Plates
    The body and end plates are heavily ribbed and constructed of #50 cast iron. Motor support lugs are cast as an integral part of body and permit the mounting of the gearmotor directly on the unit, resulting in a compact package.

    The end plates have integral cast outboard bearing supports and male-female joints between end plates and feeder body ensuring concentricity.

    All rotors are constructed of machine #50 cast iron and have six or eight vanes with four vanes in seal between inlet and outlet except for the 2" totally enclosed feeder (airlock) which has four vanes.

    The rotor shaft has a tapered hub to reduce friction from trapped material between rotor and end plates. Anti-friction bearings are shielded, and mounted on rotor shaft outboard of the packing gland.

    Beveling of the rotor vane is recommended if the material has a tendency to build up and smear.

    Motor Mounts
    All gearmotors are mounted directly to feeder body except the 2" and 5" (50 mm and 125 mm) TE Feeders which incorporate a single common steel base plate.

    Motor Drive
    All fractional gearmotors are TENV. All integral horsepower gearmotors are TEFC. All gearmotors are 3 phase, 230/460 Volts, 60 Hz.

    Special Notes
    All standard feeders (airlocks) are designed to handle material having a maximum temperature of 150° F (65° C). Above 150° F (65° C requires additional periphery and end clearances. From 700° F to 900° F (371° C to 482° C) requires additional clearance and water cooled shaft. Above 900° F (482° C) and not in excess 1200° F (650° C) requires ductile iron construction, special bearings and water cooled rotor.

    Note: Basic assemblies are also available

  • Closed End Rotor

    FLSmidth manufactures three (3) types of “P” feeders with closed end rotors:
    Type I Body end plates constructed of #50 cast iron with fabricated stainless steel rotor.
    Type II Body and rotor constructed of type 304 stainless steel with aluminum end plates.
    Type III Complete 304 stainless steel (body, rotor and end plates).

    Body and End Plates
    The body and end plates have heavy-duty construction and permit minimum rotor clearances. Motor support lugs are cast as an integral part of the body, and permit the mounting of the gearmotor directly on the unit, resulting in a compact package.

    The end plates have integral-cast outboard bearing supports and male-female joints between end plates and feeder body ensuring concentricity.

    All rotors are beveled and constructed of type 304 stainless steel or fabricated steel. Rotors have six or seven vanes with at least four vanes in seal between inlet and outlet.

    Bearings are shielded, anti-friction and mounted on rotor shaft outboard of the packing gland.

    Motor Mount & Drive
    Gearmotors are mounted directly to feeder body. Fractional gearmotors are TENV. Integral horsepower gearmotors are TEFC. All gearmotors are 3 phase, 230/460 Volts AC, 60 Hz.

    Special Notes
    All standard “P” Rotary feeders (airlocks) are designed to handle material having maximum temperature of 150°F (65°C). Above 150°F to 450° (65°C to 232°C) requires additional periphery clearance.

    Note : Basic assemblies (with/out Drive) are also available.

  • Discharge Valve Shrouded Suction Airlock

    General The FLSmidth Shrouded Suction Airlock uses a rotor with closed vane pockets which keeps material from contacting the end plates. This valve is primarily designed to release material at relatively fixed rates for dust collector applications. Handles materials up to 400°F (205°C). Maximum temperature surrounding motor 104°F (40°C). Higher temperature options at additional cost. Available with or without motor drive. Pressure differential up to 30" W.G.

    Body All #50 cast iron construction machined for close tolerances.

    Rotor Fabricated steel with closed ends. Four pockets. optional, Standard or Beveled rotor vanes. This valve is equipped with shielded anti-friction bearings. End plates are fabricated steel bolted and taper pinned to the cast body.

    Motor Mounting Motor support lugs cast as an integral part of the feeder body permits the mounting of the gear motor directly on the unit resulting in a compact package.

    Motor The FLSmidth shrouded rotary airlock with drive unit is equipped with a right angle gear motor, 3 phase, 230/460 Volt, 60 Hz. Standard airlock speed is 15 rpm. Gear motor speed 35 rpm. Sprockets and chain included. Specify quantity, description, feeder or feeder with drive, size and part number.

  • Discharge Valve Slide Gate (Manual)

    The FLSmidth slide gate is a simple, economical, easy-to-install discharge valve commonly used dust collection equipment when only periodic clean-out is required.

  • Discharge Valve Swing Gate

    The FLSmidth Swing Gate is a manually operated, self-locking discharge valve. in an open position it presents minimum obstruction to dust discharge flow. This gate features a post-center toggle locking device.

    The body is a single, cast iron unit that is designed to create an airtight seal with the swing-gate seal.

    The Swing Gate is mechanically tensioned against the body valve seat using a gasket. Rubber gasket permits use up to 250° F (121° C). Special silicone seal gasket extends operating range up to 400° F (205° C).

  • Discharge Valve Two-gate (Motor-Operated) Valve

    The FLSmidth Two-Gate Valve provides a dual-gate airlock seal against a differential pressure up to 17” W.G. and will withstand material temperatures up to 400°F (205°C). For material temperatures to 700°F (371°C). special motors and heat shields can be provided at extra cost.

    The valve body is constructed of seven (7) gauge fabricated steel plate. Inspection plate cover permits easy service access.

    The FLSmidth Two-Gate Valve has two (2) sealing gates which alternately open and closes as material passes through the unit in order to maintain a seal between material inlet and outlet. The alternating cycle is mechanically operated using an eccentric and gear motor arrangement. Simple gravity release produces non-jamming return operation. Steel gates are mounted on a finished shaft rotating freely on outboard self-aligning ball bearings.

    Motor Gear motors are TEFC, 3 phase, 230/460 Volt AC, 60 Hz.

  • Discharge Valve Trickle Valve

    The FLSmidth Trickle Valve is an adjustable, counter-weight discharge valve which automatically responds to flap gate imbalance by releasing collected material. Good for applications up to 400° F (205° C).

    The body is durable twelve (12) gauge steel plate construction. Simple design presents minimum material restriction.

    Constructed of steel plate, the flap gate is gravity-operated with an adjustable counterweight. The flap gate is mounted on a finished shaft and rotates freely on outboard, self-aligning ball bearings.

  • Conveying Line Valve One-way Cutoff

    The FLSmidth Type SK One-Way Cutoff Valve is available in six basic sizes. The 3 through 6-inch (75 -150 mm) valves match the I.D. of standard Schedule 40 pipe. The 8 and 10-inch (200 and 250 mm) valves match the I.D. of standard Schedule 30 pipe. Operating temperature up to 400° F (205° C).

    Durable machined cast iron construction.

    The valves employ replaceable hardened seats and discs, ground and lapped to ensure positive sealing. Air cylinder actuator provides fast and positive cutoff operation. 50 to 100 PSlG (3.5 to 7 Kg/cm2) clean plant air required.

    Weather-proof (NEMA 4) limit switches are included for positive indication.

    Special Applications
    High temperature 850° F (455° C), hand-operated, voltages.

  • Material Feed Valve

    • 450 iron construction (575 BHN) inlet, disc, seat and tee
    • Cast iron body
    • Beveled inlet connection with 150 lb. drilled half couplings
    • 400°F (205°C) standard design temperature
    • Air cylinder actuated with single solenoid, 120V, manual override
    • 2-S.P.D.T. NEMA 4 limit switches
    • Sizes - material inlet - 8" and 12" (200 mm and 300 mm)
      pipeline - 3", 4", 5", 6", 8",10" (75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm)
    Special designs: 850°F (450°C) design, voltages, switch ratings

  • Burrerfly Valves

    FLSmidth is proud to offer a new line of high quality butterfly valves to meet the requirements of today's market. Combining years of field application experience in the minerals and cement markets, with research and development, FLSmidth has designed many unique features into the valve, resulting in longer service life, greater reliability, ease of parts replacement and interchangeability of components.

  • Central Cone Blending Silo

    For Flow Control Of Pulverized Materials
    Flow control gates provide an accurate means of flow control and positive shut-off of pulverized material from storage silos and feed bins. Four different sizes provide a range of control from complete shut-off up to 20000 ft3/hour! Units are available for electric or air operation.

  • Airslide  Butterfly Flowgates

    Airslide® Butterfly Flowgates

    Basic Valve
    Housing is cast aluminum with machined integral actuator brackets and mounting flanges drilled to match FLSmidth Airslide® dimensions. Carbon steel rotor with flexible seal for positive cutoff. Urethane (250° F) and Viton (450° F) seals are available. Bushing type bearings protected by O-ring shaft seals.

    Hand lever actuator with locking handle for throttling control or Heavy duty air cylinder actuators with single solenoid, 120v, NEMA 4, integrally mounted and pre-piped with speed controls. Two single pole double throw (SPDT) position indication switches.