• Gas Compressors

    Developed from Fuller® design and technology, FLSmidth’s Ful-Vane™ Gas Compressors provide more compression with less energy. Available in flow ranges from 50 SCFM to 3000 SCFM and with discharge pressures up to 250 psig.

  • Ammonia Service Compressors

    Originally Fuller® design and technology, FLSmidth's Ful-Vane™ ammonia booster compressors provide capital and power savings when used as the low pressure stage in a two stage compression system. Ful-Vane™ rotary compressors have been used since 1949 as a low stage refrigeration booster compressor in heavy-duty, low temperature applications. Our booster compressor has few moving parts, no internal valves, and vibration free rotary motion. It is designed to require less maintenance and last longer than other compressor designs. Today, FLSmidth still provides replacements for compressors which were originally installed as long ago as the 1950's and 1960's.