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    Ful-Vane® Gas Compressors reduce operating costs and increase reliability

    • Coal bed methane
    • Stock tank vapor recovery
    • Shale bed methane
    • Digestor gas recovery
    • Landfill gas recovery
    • Vacuum cooling
    • Refrigeration

    Rugged and suited for harsh environments, Ful-Vane compressors utilize sliding vane technology for increased efficiency, reliability and durability. Ful-Vane compressors also feature rebuildable housings and rotors and are field repairable, minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance and ownership costs. Available in flow ranges from 50 MSCFD to 4.3 MMSCFD and with pressure ranges from -29.8" Hg to +125 psig, Ful-Vane compressors will suit virtually all applications.

  • Ammonia Service Compressors

    The Original Fuller® Low Stage Ammonia Boosters designed and built by FLSmidth.

    FLSmidth manufacturers the original Fuller Ful-Vane™ low stage boosters including all "A" and "CA" sizes from 30 through 300. The Ful-Vane is designed to require less maintenance and last longer than other compressor designs, while saving energy. The compressors are manufactured at the same factory as they have been since 1929. We also provide all replacement OEM parts for these compressors, including:

    • Bearings
    • B3000 carbon fiber blades
    • Replacement seals
    Also available:
    • Cylinder re-bores
    • Rotor re-slotting
    • Replacement check valves
    • Replacement lubrication systems
    • Other OEM parts upon request
    • Factory authorized service and rebuilds with new factory warranty