• Z-Flap

    Red: Basic Kit
    Yellow: Option To Basic Kit
    Yellow + Blue +Red = Complete Kit

  • 8" H2Z FK Pump

    FLSmidth’s two-piece pump screw drastically reduces your maintenance costs
    Our two-piece screw design can reduce your screw flight replacement time to as little as four man-hours

    • Available for all H Pumps
    • Easy seal replacement
    • Does away with screw bushing
    • No need to disconnect drive
    • Permanent drive shaft increases bearing life
    • Fast screw replacement through hopper access

  • 8" H2Z FK Pump

    By installing the FLSmidth two piece Z-Flap Conversion Kit

    • Reduced maintenance
    • Longer bearing life
    • Longer barrel-liner life
    • Longer screw life
    • Increases air seal life as much as 4 times