• Fluidized Gravity Conveying Systems

    FLSmidth is the original inventor of the Airslide® air gravity conveying systems. Our Airslide® systems provide high-capacity material handling with many economic and environmental advantages:

    • Low energy requirements - gravity does most of the work
    • High-capacity material handling
    • Overhead installation frees up valuable floor space
    • Dust-tight and environmentally-friendly
    • Available with abrasion-resistant lining
    • Low noise

  • Vacuum / Pressure Transfer Station
  • Duck Mobile

    Ship and Barge Unloaders FLSmidth has solutions for any application.

  • FK Pump Unloading System

    Pressure System

    • For high unloading rate
    • Utilizes under-track hopper to dump entire car, then pressure tanks or feeder/airlocks for line charging
    • Can be designed with dust capture system at hopper
    Vacuum System
    • Relatively low rate (10 to 20 STPH)
    • Utilizes hopper pan: either multiple hook-up or manually moved from hopper to hopper
    • Maximum practical hose connection is 8"
    • No need for pit under railcar
    Vacuum / Pressure System
    • Increased convey rate compared to vacuum only (20 to 30 STPH)
    • Pressure side either feeder or tank based

  • Railcar & Truck Loading System
  • Dome Storage Details

    FLSmidth specializes in storage systems for cement and other dry bulk materials. Whether your requirements are large or small - FLSmidth equipment can do the job

  • Injection Systems

    Innovative technology and proven performance in material handling systems

    • Fuller®-Kinyon™ pumps
    • Modu-Dense™ Conveying System
    • Inject product through tuyres or lances
    • Results in faster chemical and thermal reaction
    • Produces greater operational efficiency
    • Reduces loss of expensive raw materials

  • Principle of Fluidization

    Ful-Floor™ Fluidized Reclaim

    • Flexible - fill and reclaim simultaneously
    • Low-maintenance - just blowers and air control valves.
    • Safe - there’s never a reason to enter a partially filled dome or silo
    • Minimal floor slope requirement - usually 8 to 10 degrees
    • Increased cleanout efficiency - up to 99%
    • Dependable - no moving parts inside the dome or silo
    • Turnover - First-in / first-out reclaim for effective stock rotation
    • High-Capacity reclaim and transfer - up to 800 TPH
    Cost-effective Material Reclaim and Transfer Starts With Flsmidth
    Our Ful-Floor™ reclaim systems use industry proven FLSmidth Airslide® fabric anchored to nearly 100% of the floor area. Imbedded aeration troughs and piping eliminate restrictions that can inhibit material flow. The results: complete reclaim of your stored material with minimal floor slope, low average power and low maintenance.

    With no moving parts inside the storage area, a Ful-Floor™ is your BEST reclaim solution for domes, flat storage warehouses and flat-bottom silos.

  • Flue Duct Injection
  • Power Plant Dust Collector Airslide Gathering System

    A2P™: Airslide® to Pump Fly Ash Handling System

    • Nearly maintenance-free
    • Capital cost reduced by up to 50%
    • Continuous ash removal from collection hoppers
    • Only two moving pieces between collection hopper and storage
    • Continuous conveying to storage

  • Material Intake Tee
  • Target Box
  • Vent Hopper