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Pneumatic Conveying Systems

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Fuller Airslide Conveying Technology

Fluidized Gravity Conveying Systems

Fuller® Airslide® Conveying Technology
  • Economical, energy-efficient
  • High capacity, high performance
  • Versatile and reliable
Vacuum / Pressure Transfer Station

Airveyor Pressurized Conveying Systems

Duck Mobile

Ship and Barge Unloaders

Ship and Barge Unloaders FLSmidth has solutions for any application.
FK Pump Unloading System

Railcar Unloading System

Pressure System
  • For high unloading rate
  • Utilizes under-track hopper to dump entire car, then pressure tanks or feeder/airlocks for line charging
  • Can be designed with dust capture system at hopper
Vacuum System
  • Relatively low rate (10 to 20 STPH)
  • Utilizes hopper pan: either multiple hook-up or manually moved from hopper to hopper
  • Maximum practical hose connection is 8"
  • No need for pit under railcar
Vacuum / Pressure System
  • Increased convey rate compared to vacuum only (20 to 30 STPH)
  • Pressure side either feeder or tank based
Railcar & Truck Loading System

Fulload Railcar and Truck Loading Systems

Dome Storage Details

Storage System

FLSmidth specializes in storage systems for cement and other dry bulk materials. Whether your requirements are large or small - FLSmidth equipment can do the job
Injection Systems

Injection Systems

Innovative technology and proven performance in material handling systems
  • Fuller-Kinyon™ pumps
  • Modu-Dense™ Conveying System
  • Inject product through tuyres or lances
  • Results in faster chemical and thermal reaction
  • Produces greater operational efficiency
  • Reduces loss of expensive raw materials
Principle of Fluidization

Fluidized Reclaim System

Ful-Floor™ Fluidized Reclaim
  • Flexible - fill and reclaim simultaneously
  • Low-maintenance - just blowers and air control valves.
  • Safe - there’s never a reason to enter a partially filled dome or silo
  • Minimal floor slope requirement - usually 8 to 10 degrees
  • Increased cleanout efficiency - up to 99%
  • Dependable - no moving parts inside the dome or silo
  • Turnover - First-in / first-out reclaim for effective stock rotation
  • High-Capacity reclaim and transfer - up to 800 TPH
Cost-effective Material Reclaim and Transfer Starts With Flsmidth
Our Ful-Floor™ reclaim systems use industry proven FLSmidth Airslide™ fabric anchored to nearly 100% of the floor area. Imbedded aeration troughs ...
Flue Duct Injection

Reagent Handing Systems

Power Plant Dust Collector Airslide Gathering System

Fly Ash Handling System

A2P™: Airslide™ to Pump Fly Ash Handling System
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • Capital cost reduced by up to 50%
  • Continuous ash removal from collection hoppers
  • Only two moving pieces between collection hopper and storage
  • Continuous conveying to storage
Material Intake Tee

Material Intake Tee

Target Box

Target Box

Vent Hopper

Vent Hopper