• FK Pump Unloading System

    Pressure System

    • For high unloading rate
    • Utilizes under-track hopper to dump entire car, then pressure tanks or feeder/airlocks for line charging
    • Can be designed with dust capture system at hopper
    Vacuum System
    • Relatively low rate (10 to 20 STPH)
    • Utilizes hopper pan: either multiple hook-up or manually moved from hopper to hopper
    • Maximum practical hose connection is 8"
    • No need for pit under railcar
    Vacuum / Pressure System
    • Increased convey rate compared to vacuum only (20 to 30 STPH)
    • Pressure side either feeder or tank based

  • Railcar & Truck Loading System
  • Railcar & Truck Loading System
  • Flue Duct Injection
  • Airslide Railcar Breather/Filter

    Airslide® Railcar Breather/Filter

    The FLSmidth Airslide® Car Breather is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel for all weather applications.

    The breather is mounted on one of the open loading hatches the Airslide® Car and is fitted with lugs to permit secure clamping in position using the hatch cover bolts.

    The breather uses a replaceable woven Dacron fabric filter element with high permeability and filtering efficiency up to 300 CFM. Larger air volumes will require additional breathers on the car.

  • Air Filters for Railcars

    FLSmidth Railcar Air Filters are constructed of high strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel in a formed weather housing.

    The railcar filters feature a replaceable polyurethane catridge of high efficiency and permeability that can be washed and reused. The filter element is mounted on an expanded metal cage within the weather housing. Capable of passing 1350 CFM (38.2 cmm) free air at a pressure drop of only 0.6” (15.2 mm) gauge.

  • Pnue-Boost Conveying Bosster

    Pneu-Boost™ Conveying Booster

    • Overall system sizing analysis by FLSmidth ensures a properly designed system
    • Increased rates from delivery vehicles means faster turnaround
    • Low weight and compact skid mounted package design provides space saving and mobility
    • External air supply (by FLS or Customer) proves fuel savings for delivery vehicle
    • Self regulating system essentially eliminates plugged lines
    • Completely assembled and ready for use
    • Carbon steel construction with sch 40 pipe
    • 4” (102 mm) flanged inlet air pipe and 3” (76 mm) outlet air pipe to PD vehicle
    • 6” (152 mm) internal convey pipe
    • Est. weight: 650 lbs. (295 kg)
    • Dimensions: 66”l x 31”w x 42”h (168 cm x 79 cm x 107 cm)
    • PDB# 1344391