Taking dense-phase conveying to the next level - FLSmidth introduces MaxiDense™

Our dense phase tank conveying technology is named MaxiDense for a very good reason: it maximizes the time spent at the design pressure of the convey system, producing the most efficient conveying possible.

First, the unique tank design has a fully fluidized bottom using Fullerator™ aeration elements that promote smooth flow of material from the vessel. Further, the upward flow, side discharge design assists in controlling material flow into the convey pipeline, working in conjunction with the other process controls of the system.

The staged approach is far more efficient in charging the convey line with the proper amount of material than a single valve bypass.

This means that the optimum material to air mixture enters the convey line to maintain design pressure throughout the convey cycle. That translates to the most efficient means of tank conveying possible.

The MaxiDense technology utilizes a staged bypass to allow small increments of air to enter the convey line downstream of the tanks. Using several valves, a larger portion of convey air is bypassed at the beginning of the convey cycle when material more readily exits the tank. As the tank empties, more air is routed to the tanks to aid in tank cleanout.
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  • Designed to be the most efficient dense phase conveying technology for long-distance, high capacity applications
  • Optimum material flow control maximizes overall system efficiency by utilizing more of the available compressor capability
  • Low velocity, precisely controlled conveying is suitable for process injection of abrasive materials