New age technology for conventional compressors

Reduce your maintenance costs with F.L.Smidth

No cylinder will fail due to our Black Velvet blades™, or we will replace it free
  • Lasts 4 to 5 times longer than phenolic or kevlar blades
  • Reduces cylinder failure
  • Less lubrication needed
  • Extends the life of the compressor
Unit of Measure



  • Requires less lubrication in most instances
  • Blade strength
  • Blade composition (smooth & light)
  • Non-moisture absorbing blade
  • High temperature resistance



  • Lowers oil and related maintenance cost. Reduces oil emissions in air stream
  • 4x lifespan over other products
  • Cut's cylinder reboring frequency and/or replacement needs approximately in half
  • Avoid delays caused by blade swelling
  • Relaxed storage standards (No need to seal carton)
  • Reduces replacement needs and related maintenance costs
  • Carbon blades will not cause catastrophic cylinder failure due to blade breakage



  • Reduce oil lube by up to 50%
  • Extended wear life
  • Limits bore corrugation by up to 50%
  • Blades won't swell
  • Won’t degrade at elevated temperatures
  • Avoids blade breakage