Protect your valuable compressors against lube failure
  • Safe and dependable compressor lubrication
  • Helps protect compressors against lube failure
  • Virtually eliminates a major cause of water contamination
  • Reduces man-hours
Ful-Lube system is designed to keep your workhorse machinery safely and precisely lubricated for as long as 30 days without refilling - cutting man-hours and virtually eliminating a major cause of water contamination.

Ful-Lube’s new distribution block smoothly and continuously disburses lubricants to critical parts, safely powered by an enclosed, direct-drive pump.

Ful-Lube Duplex - One common storage tank serves two compressors. Lube flow can be isolated to each compressor.

Lubricator Drive Motor - available for both single phase and three phase - 50 and 60 cycle service.

Manual Priming Pump - Shipped with each Ful-Lube system, expedites priming of the lube system and purges lube system of air.
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Now you can protect your compressors from burn-out or failure due to loss of lubrication.
15 or 30 Gallon Storage Tanks allow up to one month of continuous operation between refills...reducing man-hours and risk of water Contamination. Direct-Driven Pumping Unit with enclosed motor eliminates risk of system failure due to belt breakage.
The 25-Micron Filter removes entrained impurities in the lubricant.
Digital No-Flow Timer (DNFT) monitors movement of divider piston for dependable “timed” shutdown protection. Not affected by temperature or oil viscosity. Requires no external power.
Liquid Crystal Display (DNFT) incorporates a liquid crystal display that accurately indicates lube-cycle time.