• Fast, simple upgrade and installation
  • Unit fits existing direct drive motor location
  • Increased motor reliability
  • Decreased maintenance
  • Standardization of motor supply
The Ful-Power™ High Efficiency Upgrade for your Ful-Vane™ Compressor
6 Steps to Increase Ful-Vane™ Compressor Efficiency and Dependability
  • Power
  • Controls
  • Lubrication
  • Air quality
  • Cooling
  • Housekeeping
The issue of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly relevant as electricity costs continue to rise. The Cement Industry is now competing in an environment of rising energy costs and the uncertainty of available electricity at any costs. Downtime due to equipment failure and preventable operational errors further affects the industry's efficiencies and profitability.

The Ful-Power High Efficiency Upgrade is comprised of three major components joined together, which bring the FLSmidth Ful-Vane™ compressor to its highest capability, reliability and longevity. The robust design of the FLSmidth Ful-Vane compressor makes it the ideal compressor for severe, dirty and harsh surroundings. The cement industry is one of the most brutal environments for all rotating equipment and not just any compressor is up to the challenge. Technology upgrades are available to further enhance these attributes and accentuate its already high efficiency and reliability.
Unit of Measure


N/A The Rotary Ful-Vane compressor and all other air supply compressors are identical when it comes to efficiency in fulfilling your air supply requirements.
However, the Ful-Vane compressor will maintain its efficiency throughout its life, while other compressors efficiency begins to erode from the second it is put into service.
It is the inefficiency of the direct drive motor that causes power consumption costs to be higher.

Reducing Power Costs

N/A The Proof is in the Numbers

Under continuous operation at a rate of 8.4 cents per kwh, the Ful-Power unit has proven to run more efficiently than a direct drive motor, lowering power consumption costs.

C300 Compressor

  • Old direct drive motor - 200 HP, 590 RPM
  • Yearly Power Consumption: $113,028
  • New HE 200 HP, 1800 RPM motor with cog belt drive
  • Savings of $25,000 per year in power consumption
  • ROI within 13 months
C350 Compressor
  • Old direct drive motor - 300 HP, 590 RPM
  • Yearly Power Consumption: $78,655
  • New HE 300 HP, 1800 RPM motor with cog belt drive
  • Savings of $16,583 per year in power consumption
  • ROI within 24 months
A west coast customer:
  • Saw potential to cut electricity consumption and expensive maintenance, while increasing reliability, by replacing older, slow-speed motors with energy efficient models.
  • The result was a $110,000 rebate from their electric utility for decreased demand on the local energy grid. ROI was immediate.
The Ful-Power High Efficiency Unit is a turn-key approach in the conservation process. With higher motor efficiencies and increased compressor performance efficiencies, as well as lower maintenance costs, the Ful-Power unit typically provides an ROI in less than twenty-four months.

Industrial Average Retail Price


Average Retail Price
Industrial (¢/KwH)
1999  2006  % Increase 
U.S. Total  6.35  8.39  32.1 
Texas  3.97  7.73  94.7 
Oklahoma  3.60  5.73  59.2 
Florida  4.77  7.56  58.5 
California  6.57  8.55  30.1
Pennsylvania  4.93  6.42  30.2 
Georgia  4.15  5.14  23.9 

U.S. Department of Energy