Fuller®-Kinyon Kompact pumps require only a low-pressure, low-velocity air supply to efficiently meet its large throughput capacity.
Material to be discharged from a hopper bottom rail car enters the pump hopper through a boot lift rail car connection by gravity and is advanced through the barrel by a dynamically balanced impeller screw which is driven through a V-belt drive arrangement with an overhead mounted drive motor.

As the material advances through the barrel, it is compacted by the decreasing pitch of the screw flights. It is further compacted by by the space between the terminal flight of the screw and the discharge check valve disc to create the material seal. (This seal serves as the air lock to prevent the conveying air from blowing back through the barrel.)

The material then enters the mixing chamber, where it is fluidized by compressed air introduced through air nozzles. From there, the material and air mixture enter the transport pipe.

The Fuller®-Kinyon Kompact II Pump is steel fabricated, consisting of a hopper leading into a barrel section. Material enters the pump from a bin or hopper-bottom car outlet. The material is advanced into the barrel section by an impeller screw, and is compacted by the decreasing pitch of the screw flights. The material is then fluidized by air introduced from a low-pressure positive displacement blower, and travels throughout the conveying line to the discharge point.
Unit of Measure


N/A The Fuller®-Kinyon Kompact II pump incorporates the latest design features of the Fuller®-Kinyon line of pumps. Its two-piece screw design reduces maintenance and provides greater stability during operation.

  • Newest pump technology
  • Totally fabricated steel design
  • Capacities up to 3300 ft3 /hour
  • Reduced pump footprint
  • Lighter weight
  • Fewer parts
  • Low pressure operation
  • Ideal for rail car unloading

Typical Material Characteristics


  • Must be dry and free-flowing
  • 100% passing 50 mesh
  • 75% passing 100 mesh
  • 60% passing 200 mesh
  • 45% passing 325 mesh



N/A Totally fabricated steel design

Conveying Line Pressure

N/A 20 psig

Reliability and Quality


  • Increased capacity
  • Reduced replacement part cost
  • Reduced pump footprint
  • Lighter weight, fewer parts