The Pneu-Flap™ Pneumatic Torque Controller is designed to provide a constant torque through the full range of motion of the pump discharge flapper valve, thereby maintaining a good material seal at all times between the pressurized conveying line and the pump screw.

Designed to be easily adjustable for the specific operating conditions, the Pneu-Flap Torque Controller minimizes component wear and improves the Fuller®-Kinyon pump performance by optimizing the flapper valve torque.
  • Improved performance and higher capacity
  • Reduced wear due to less blow-back through flapper valve
  • Reduced overall maintenance cost
  • Lower overall power consumption
  • On-line adjustment of the flapper valve
  • Less movement of the flapper valve
  • More stable operation
  • Easy to install
  • Change materials and torque adjustment without shutting down
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