Airslide™ Gathering System
Fly ash continuously discharges from all dust collector hoppers simultaneously. Ash becomes fluidized within the Airslide conveyor and flows rapidly down the slope via gravity. Fluidization air is heated to further ensure proper ash flow to the Fuller-Kinyon pump. The pump acts as a "line charger," injecting the ash into the pressurized convey pipeline while acting as an airlock between the conditions in the dust collector / Airslide conveyor and the conveying system.

The FK Pump conveying system uses carbon steel straight piping and hard iron sweep fittings. A simple bin vent filter is required at the destination silo to vent the conveying air.
Unit of Measure

Components of The Airslide™ / FK™ Pump System

Airslide Air Gravity Conveyor

  • Conveys fluidized product via gravity through sloping trough. The conveying plenum (top) and air plenum (bottom) are separated by a proprietary 5-ply porous membrane.
  • Air supply is low pressure fan or blower package.
  • No moving parts within material flow stream
  • As an example of Airslide capabilities, Airslide conveyor gathering networks are installed in power plants on circulating dry scrubbers (both baghouses and electrostatic precipitators) with circulating ash/lime flows over 400 STPH.
  • Ten to twenty year fabric life is common under standard conditions.

Fuller-Kinyon™ Pump Line Charger
  • Continuously injects bulk materials into a pressurized convey pipeline
  • Variable pitch screw continuously compresses bulk product as it enters the windbox (material/air mixing chamber). Compressed product forms a “material seal” against the convey line pressure.
  • Extremely simple operation and maintenance
  • Direct dive, electric motor
  • Over 30 pumps installed for fly ash conveyance within coal-fired power plants in the last six years. Literally thousands of pumps installed worldwide since pump was introduced in 1920’s.

Additional Power Industry Information

Fly Ash Management

  • Fly ash intercept systems
  • Process conveying with Fuller-Kinyon pumps
  • Dome storage and reclaim
  • Silo aeration and loadout
  • Fly ash blending

Modu-Flo MT Dense Phase Ash Handling Systems
  • Simple, but heavy-duty components for long life and reliability
  • Simplified controls result in reduced system and installation costs
  • Only one valve in contact with the conveyed material
  • Low velocity conveying for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Minimal headroom required

Reagent Handling Systems for the Power Industry
  • Transport and unloading
  • In-plant transfer
  • Flue duct injection
  • Boiler injection
  • Duct injection

Conventional Fly Ash Handling Systems
  • Silo storage, fluidizing, loadout
  • Vacuum systems
  • Pressure systems
  • Vacuum / Pressure systems