For applications requiring:
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced maintenance man-hours
FLSmidth introduces the worry-free Compressor Exchange Program.
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How does it work?

N/A FLSmidth’s Compressor Exchange program exchanges worn compressors for OEM factory reconditioned and warranted replacements. Quick delivery can be made because large inventories of the popular compressors are maintained at FLSmidth’s Manheim Plant and at Certified Service Centers located in Atlanta, Georgia; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Los Angeles, California.

How does it work? Call a local authorized service center or FLSmidth Inc. and a customer service representative will confirm availability and the exchange compressor will be shipped to the customer. Then return the used compressor.

FLSmidth’s Certified Service Center network is the only organization that can provide OEM certified exchanges with the same warranty as new. When it comes to Ful-Vane™ Compressors who would know better than the people who designed the original equipment?

Make your next emergency HASSLE-FREE

N/A The FLSmidth Compressor Exchange Program is designed to replace the cylinder assemblies on existing FLSmidth rotary compressors. The program minimizes downtime for replacement and is a highly economical method for restoring compressors to original performance standards.

Many of our customers are enjoying the capital cost savings feature of this unique program rather than investing in a completely new unit or assuming the risk of re-conditioning existing units by outside sources.

Each exchange compressor is a complete compressor less motor, coupling, piping, lubricator, base, regulator, intake filter and discharge non-return valve. These machines, less accessories, are called cylinder assemblies.

Each assembly is a completely restored unit which meets identical manufacturing standards as new units, and comes with the same 24-month manufacturers’ warranty.

By returning your worn assembly, a replacement will be shipped as soon as possible from our exchange stock.

Step by Step Ordering


  1. Contact the nearest Sales Representative or FLSmidth District Office or call FLSmidth Inc., located in Bethlehem, PA., at (610) 264-6415 or (610) 264-6994.
  2. Advise your requirement with compressor serial number, size and rotation. The availability of an exchange cylinder assembly and shipping date will be provided. FLSmidth rotary compressor cylinder assemblies are stocked at five locations across the USA in every popular size. Availability is limited only by prior sale commitment.
  3. The Compressor Exchange Cylinder Assembly will include:
    • New or reconditioned cylinder
    • New blades
    • New hub seal rings
    • New angle check valves
    • New bearing retainers, as required
    • New or reconditioned rotor
    • New bearings
    • New gaskets and shims
    • New or reconditioned heads
    • New mechanical seal parts or packing and gland, as required
    • All completely assembled to factory specifications
    • Factory inspected and tested, as required
  4. As soon as an order is placed and an exchange cylinder assembly is shipped, the damaged cylinder assembly becomes the property of FLSmidth. It is imperative that the damaged cylinder be promptly returned to FLSmidth for rebuilding and to re-stock the program. Only return the items listed above when returning the damaged unit. Do Not Return drive coupling, lubricator, non-return valve, regulator, intake filter, lubrication tubing or piping with the returned cylinder assembly. The damaged unit should be returned to the nearest service center.

    Make Certain The Unit Returned Has The Identical Serial Number As Reported When Ordering The Exchange Unit.
  5. The replacement cylinder assembly carries a 24-month from date of shipment factory warranty on material and workmanship. Warranty does not cover wear parts.
If inspection at our Manheim Plant determines the returned cylinder, rotor or heads to be scrap, a new one will be used and the appropriate cylinder rotor or head price will be added to the exchange price. If the cylinder, rotor and heads are scrap, the price of a new cylinder assembly will be applied, less 10% discount. Fifty percent of the cylinder assemblies sold through the exchange program are new.