• F-K Screws - a large inventory of popular and standard screw sizes is maintained at our Manheim plant. Consult the available listing to match your requirements. Other sizes may become available throughout the year, so please consult FLSmidth Corporation for these not listed. Each F-K pump exchange screw is completely repaired and dynamically balanced in two planes. The following materials are included:
    • New flights and hard surface rod as required
    • Spray bronze
    • Balancing weights and wheel
    • Renewable sleeve and steel pin
    • Screw gasket
    • One set of balancing hole set screws and weights.
    • Drive key.
  • F-K Pump Air-Cooled Seal Assembly - next to the screw, the air-cooled seal assembly is the second most important part in the F-K pump. It is recommended that either a new or factory rebuilt Exchange Seal Assembly be installed each time a screw change is made to insure correct pump performance. Never replace the graphite ring only.
    Exchange Seal Assemblies include graphite ring, O-ring, springs, fan, screw gasket, drive pins, cotter pins, rebuilt seal ring bushing and hopper bushing, the hard-faced insert of which is ground, polished and lapped.
  • F-K Pump Bearing Housing Assembly - the pump bearing housing should be rebuilt either when a bearing needs replacement or when difficulty is experienced replacing the screw. Problems with Air-Cooled Seal Assemblies can also be attributed to the condition of the Bearing Housing Assembly. Exchange Bearing Housing Assemblies are supplied with new screw bushings, original equipment bearings, new grease retainers and seals. Housing castings which do not comply with bearing cavity specifications are replaced with new castings. When required, two set screws per bearing are added to assure secure holding of bearings in housing cavities.
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N/A The Fuller®-Kinyon Pump Exchange Program is designed to replace normally worn but repairable parts of the F-K pump screws, air-cooled seals and bearing housing assemblies. This program permits the customer to restore the key operating parts of the pump with factory reconditioned and inspected replacements at a fraction of the price of new replacements.

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  • To ascertain whether or not your F-K pump part is repairable and eligible for exchange, check the appropriate inspection criteria checklist provided (none for bearing housing assembly). Avoid shipping scrap or unrepairable units.
  • Contact the nearest FLSmidth district office or sales representative, or call FLSmidth, Bethlehem, PA: 1-800-523-9482.
  • Advise your requirement, indicating the part, size and part number if available. F-K Pump serial number is also required.
  • Do not return your worn part until you determine that an exchange replacement is available. As soon as your order is placed and confirmation received for an exchange part, your worn part should be shipped immediately per shipping instructions to follow. Your assembly will become the property of Fuller Company. An exchange unit will be shipped upon receipt and inspection or immediately depending on stock availability or other prior arrangement.
  • For current prices, consult FLSmidth for the latest Standard Product Price Book. Prices shown are FOB point of shipment, in U.S. currency and subject to change without notice.

Shipping Instructions


  • Mark your shipment with order number, your company name and return address.
  • Ship via freight prepaid to FLSmidth Inc., 236 South Cherry Street, Manheim, PA 17545-1020.
  • For proper installation, consult the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions provided with your Fuller-Kinyon Pump.