A fully fluidized cone, an upper and lower air plenum and an open-ended central column allow the principle of air blending to be applied to even the most difficult materials.

The fluidizing air enters the cone beneath the column, reducing the density of the material within which is displaced upward as the denser material from the annulus of the cone flows inward.

This "Fountain-Flow" gives a radial circulation capable of blending ultrafine powders, coarser sandy materials and products with a wide particle size distribution.
Unit of Measure



  • No moving parts
  • Gravity discharge 60° cone design
  • Simple operation
  • Robust design
  • Greater flexibility in particle size range
  • Design for different batch sizes available

Different Batch Sizes

N/A By dividing the central column into two or more separate pieces, the column blender can accommodate different volumetric batch sizes.

In the smaller batches, material is lifted up in the same way but "Fountain-Flow" into the surrounding fluidized bed is via the spaces between the upper and lower column.

Batch volumes must be known for design purposes in advance.

Materials Testing

N/A FLSmidth’s world-class R&D facility near Bethlehem, PA enables us to demonstrate both the Airmerge™ and Column Blenders on your materials prior to contract.

  • Size Analysis
  • Moisture Content
  • Bulk Density
  • Angle of Rupture
  • Bed Expansion
  • Air Flow/Pressure
  • Airslide Angle
  • Conveying Tests Come to FLSmidth and avoid costly site trials and possible rework.



  • Homogenize trailer / railcar shipments
  • Drive off unwanted moisture
  • Provide uniform process characteristics
  • Cool blended materials