Ful-Floor™ Fluidized Reclaim
  • Flexible - fill and reclaim simultaneously
  • Low-maintenance - just blowers and air control valves.
  • Safe - there’s never a reason to enter a partially filled dome or silo
  • Minimal floor slope requirement - usually 8 to 10 degrees
  • Increased cleanout efficiency - up to 99%
  • Dependable - no moving parts inside the dome or silo
  • Turnover - First-in / first-out reclaim for effective stock rotation
  • High-Capacity reclaim and transfer - up to 800 TPH
Cost-effective Material Reclaim and Transfer Starts With Flsmidth
Our Ful-Floor™ reclaim systems use industry proven FLSmidth Airslide® fabric anchored to nearly 100% of the floor area. Imbedded aeration troughs and piping eliminate restrictions that can inhibit material flow. The results: complete reclaim of your stored material with minimal floor slope, low average power and low maintenance.

With no moving parts inside the storage area, a Ful-Floor™ is your BEST reclaim solution for domes, flat storage warehouses and flat-bottom silos.
Unit of Measure


Min. Floor Slope Requirement

N/A 8 to 10 º

Simple Principle of Fluidization

N/A Low-pressure air is introduced into the material through the porous Airslide fabric membrane, causing the material to act in a semiliquid state. With only an 8 to 10 degree floor slope, the material flows "like water" to the discharge point - and with virtually no abrasion since it is floating on a cushion of air.