Unit of Measure

Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
Cost Savings
  • Eliminates need for heavy structural support
  • Automatic Operation
  • Labor-saving
  • No moving or monitoring of equipment required during filling process
  • Low Profile
  • Does not require raising existing storage or loadout silos.
  • Adjustable Spreading Distance
  • Distance and range of product distribution is completely adjustable
  • Increased Safety for Operating Personnel
  • Reduced time in top of railcar
  • No rotating paddles
  • Single-Hopper to Multiple-Car Filling
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Automatic Sensing of Filled Condition
  • Feeder automatically stops and convey line is purged when railcar is full
  • Operation

    N/A Starting Fulload Operation

    • The operator lowers each selected spreader into the hatch until the vent cowling is properly positioned on the lip of the hatch.
    • Pressing the reset switch on the hoist pendant activates the spreader heads.
    • The filling process begins by starting the conveying blower and rotary air lock.
    Automatic Pressure Sensing
    • When the hopper is full, the overhead diverter automatically switches flow to the next activated spreader when this pressure exceeds a preset level.
    • The last spreader in a set is the KEY spreader which senses the material level before the head is covered. The rotary airlock is signalled to stop, sensing the filled condition and allowing room in the hopper for the material from the conveying line.
    • The blower continues to operated, purging the conveying system.
    Cleaning the System
    • The operator activates the hoist to raise the spreader several inches.
    • The reset button is held and conveying air is diverted to the spreader.
    • Any residual material inside the spreader heads is air washed into the hopper.
    • The spreader is raised to its stored position.


    N/A The FULLOAD railcar system can fill railcar hoppers with:

    • Plastic Pellets
    • Plastic Powders
    • Engineered Resins
    • Grains
    • Coffee Beans
    • Any Pelletized Materials
    The FULLOAD system is an automated railcar loading system for pelletized or granular materials. Functioning as an extension of a conventional pneumatic transfer system to distribute material in railcar hoppers, the FULLOAD system eliminates the need for conventional gravity loading systems and mechanical spreaders, while achieving a high percentage of fill. The FULLOAD spreader head consists of two dished surfaces appropriately spaced so the conveying air accelerates the material in a radially outward pattern with a slightly upward velocity. The head itself has no moving parts. In addition, the FULLOAD system is equipped with a full complement of features to enhance the safety of personnel and equipment.

    Typical Arrangement

    4-Spreader arrangement shown here. (11-Spreader arrangement available.) Detailed of highlighted section is shown above.