Innovative technology and proven performance in material handling systems
  • Fuller®-Kinyon™ pumps
  • Modu-Dense™ Conveying System
  • Inject product through tuyres or lances
  • Results in faster chemical and thermal reaction
  • Produces greater operational efficiency
  • Reduces loss of expensive raw materials
Unit of Measure

Modu-Denser™ Conveying System


  • Batch or continuous conveying
  • Precise solids discharge rate control and turn down by means of an ISAC (Injection System Airflow Controls) air management system
  • Efficiently transfers highly abrasive materials
  • Can handle high-process back pressures without back flow

Fuller®-Kinyon Pump Systems


  • Continuous conveying
  • Low headroom requirements
  • Simple operation
  • Simple controls
  • Rugged, heavy-duty design