Unit of Measure

Additional Power Industry Information

Fly Ash Management

  • Fly ash intercept systems
  • Process conveying with Fuller-Kinyon pumps
  • Dome storage and reclaim
  • Silo aeration and loadout
  • Fly ash blending

A2P:™ Airslide to Pump Ash Handling Systems
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • Capital cost reduced by up to 50%
  • Continuous product removal from collection hoppers
  • Only two moving pieces between collection hopper and storage
  • Continuous conveying to storage

Modu-Flo MT™ Dense Phase Ash Handling Systems
  • Simple, but heavy-duty components for long life and reliability
  • Simplified controls result in reduced system and installation costs
  • Only one valve in contact with the conveyed material
  • Low velocity conveying for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Minimal headroom required

Conventional Fly Ash Handling Systems
  • Silo storage, fluidizing, loadout
  • Vacuum systems
  • Pressure systems
  • Vacuum / Pressure systems

Reagent Type


  • Limestone
  • Pebble Lime
  • Hydrated Lime
  • MgO
  • Soda Ash

Reagent Arrival


  • Railcar
  • Truck
  • Barge

FLS Systems For Lime And Reagents


  • Transport unloading: vacuum, pressure, vacuum/pressure
  • Silo aeration and withdrawal
  • In-plant transfer
  • Metered flue duct injection

Specific Use Points Within Plant


  • Fluid bed boiler limestone injection
  • Pebble lime to slaker for dry scrubber facility
  • Limestone from lime prep to wet scrubber facility
  • SO3 reagent injection