Airslide® Railcar Breather/Filter

The FLSmidth Airslide Car Breather is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel for all weather applications.

The breather is mounted on one of the open loading hatches the Airslide Car and is fitted with lugs to permit secure clamping in position using the hatch cover bolts.

The breather uses a replaceable woven Dacron fabric filter element with high permeability and filtering efficiency up to 300 CFM. Larger air volumes will require additional breathers on the car.
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Compressor Size


Approx. Weight With Drive

Filtering Efficiency

101-72-3-5002-01 N/A Airslide® Railcar Breather/Filter N/A 25 lbs N/A 300 cfm
101-55-1-1689-01 N/A Replacement Dacron Filter Element N/A 3 lbs N/A 300 cfm
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