The DA Feeder introduces material into the conveying system at highest volumetric efficiency when material flow into the feeder is controlled to permit free venting. The feeder may be used under a head of material when appropriate aeration is provided to create a path for relief of the reverse air flow. In operation, air enters a single inlet and passes into the rotor pocket through two (2) ducts integrally cast in the end plates, assuring complete fluidization and discharge. High efficiency is attained through the combination of gravity and air-sweeping of the fluidized material into the conveying line. This design principle assists greatly in discharging materials which have a tendency of hanging up in the rotor pockets. DA Feeder permits the use of smaller sized components and related equipment in pressure pneumatic conveying systems resulting in savings in initial equipment cost, installation cost and space requirements.
Available with or without motor drive, discharge pan and support base

The DA Feeder is constructed of machined #50 cast iron and incorporates a deep packing gland, outboard anti-friction bearings and an extra heavy shaft. Lantern rings are provided to permit use of purge air when handling fine, powdery material to prevent contamination of shaft packing.

The DA Feeder cast iron rotor features eight (8) equal pockets with volumes up to 1.6 cubic feet ( .05m3 ) per revolution. Rotors with beveling on the trailing edge are recommended for handling materials that have a tendency to smear.

The DA Feeder is designed for pressure differentials up to 18 PSIG (1.27 Kg/cm2).

Motor Mounting
Motor support lugs are cast as an integral part of the feeder body to permit the mounting of a gear motor directly on the units, resulting in a compact package requiring minimum space.

The DA Feeder with motor is equipped with a three (3) phase, 230/460 Volt A.C. 60Hz.TEFC, right angle motor unit. Sprocket and chain assembly with protective guard is included.

Discharge Pan and Support Base are optional and available at additional cost.
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Item #


No. of Pockets

Max. Volume

Differential Pressure

Feeder and Drive Assembly Weight

Pan and Base Assembly Weight

N/A Dual Air Inlet N/A 8 N/A 0.5 ft³/rev0.015 m³/rev N/A 18 psig1.27 kg/cm² N/A 720 lbs N/A 545 lbs
N/A Dual Air Inlet N/A 8 N/A 1.0 ft³/rev0.03 m³/rev N/A 18 psig1.27 kg/cm² N/A 880 lbs N/A 700 lbs
N/A Dual Air Inlet N/A 8 N/A 1.6 ft³/rev0.05 m³/rev N/A 18 psig1.27 kg/cm² N/A 1440 lbs N/A 1060 lbs
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