Airslide® Railcar Breather/Filter

The FLSmidth Airslide® Car Breather is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel for all weather applications.

The breather is mounted on one of the open loading hatches the Airslide® Car and is fitted with lugs to permit secure clamping in position using the hatch cover bolts.

The breather uses a replaceable woven Dacron fabric filter element with high permeability and filtering efficiency up to 300 CFM. Larger air volumes will require additional breathers on the car.
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Item #


Approx. Weight With Drive

Filtering Efficiency

101-72-3-5002-01 N/A Airslide® Railcar Breather/Filter N/A 25 lbs N/A 300 cfm
101-55-1-1689-01 N/A Replacement Dacron Filter Element N/A 3 lbs N/A 300 cfm
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