Pressure System
  • For high unloading rate
  • Utilizes under-track hopper to dump entire car, then pressure tanks or feeder/airlocks for line charging
  • Can be designed with dust capture system at hopper
Vacuum System
  • Relatively low rate (10 to 20 STPH)
  • Utilizes hopper pan: either multiple hook-up or manually moved from hopper to hopper
  • Maximum practical hose connection is 8"
  • No need for pit under railcar
Vacuum / Pressure System
  • Increased convey rate compared to vacuum only (20 to 30 STPH)
  • Pressure side either feeder or tank based
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N/A High Capacity - High Demand Applications
One, two or three cars simultaneously
Dust-controlled, clean operations
Automated, less labor
Dependable, less unplanned downtime
Maximum use of space, compact designs

N/A Moderate Capacity - Moderate Demand
Low maintenance
User friendly, reliable
Minimum height requirements

N/A Moderate Capacity - Moderate Demand
Single or dual tank
Batch or continuous operation
Dilute phase
Dense phase
Cost effective

N/A Low Capacity - Low Demand
Multiple pickup / multiple destination
High reliability
Clean operation

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