The general arrangement drawing provided illustrates the approximate location and usage of standard equipment items available for pneumatic trailer unloading operations. All items are size for use on 4-inch (100 mm) I.D. pipeline.

Filters offered are UNI-FILTER dust collectors which are open-bottom and flanged for easy installation on the roof of storage areas. Normally, these filters are selected on the basis of fan capacity of the collector being approximately twice the truck blower capacity. Standard unit sizes 2FM, 3FM and 4FM can satisfy most intermittent filtering requirements. The Watch-dog Timer should be specified for the appropriate voltage to control collector cleaning cycle.

Piping including the standard 4-foot (1.2 m) radium pipe bend is 4-inch (100 mm) diameter Schedule 40 black steel pipe. Straight sections are for use with 4-inch (100 mm) Standard 150# slip on flanges. Specify number and quantity of each item desired Quick disconnect couplings for the silo conveying line should be selected on the basis of the trailer fitting matching male to female or vice versa. Male adapters use a cover. Female adapters use a dust plug.

UNI-FILTER No. 2FM with 200 sq. ft. polyester cloth 1/3 HP 230/460 V. 3 Ph. 60 Hz. TENV Shaker Gearmotor U-11 Arr. 4 Fan 800 CFM at 6.00” W.G. bottom horiz. fan motor 2 HP 230/460 V. 3 Ph. 60 Hz. TEFC T-frame. Fan includes discharge damper.

Note : Larger units are available in Conveying Equipment and Accessories.
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Item #

Item Name

Approx. Weight With Drive

Fan Motor

Fan Capacity

313-69-4-0185-00 N/A Uni-Filters No. 2FM with 200 sq. ft. polyester cloth N/A 910 lbs N/A 2 hp N/A 800 cfm
313-71-4-0111-00 N/A Uni-Filters No. 3FM with 400 sq. ft. polyester cloth N/A 1675 lbs N/A 3 hp N/A 1600 cfm
313-69-4-0205-00 N/A Uni-Filters No. 4FM with 600 sq. ft. polyester cloth N/A 2100 lbs N/A 5 hp N/A 2400 cfm
315-64-4-0009-02 N/A Watchdog Timer Nema IV 115 V. 60 Hz. 1 Ph. N/A N/A N/A
315-64-4-0009-08 N/A Watchdog Timer Nema IV 230 V. or 460 V. 60 Hz.1 Ph. N/A N/A N/A
116-68-3-1606-10 N/A Discharge Box N/A 90 lbs N/A N/A
116-77-4-2533-17 N/A BEND - 4” STD 4’ radius pipe bend w/150# slip on flange. N/A 120 lbs N/A N/A
BU-4-40-BSP N/A STRAIGHT - 4” Schedule 40 Black Steel Pipe N/A 11 lbs./ft. N/A N/A
BU-4-150-FLG N/A 4” 150# slip on flange N/A 12 lbs N/A N/A
633A N/A 4” (Male) Adapter C.I. N/A 3 lbs N/A N/A
633D N/A 4” (Female) Coupler C.I. N/A 6 lbs N/A N/A
634B N/A 4” Cover A1 with chain N/A 2 lbs N/A N/A
634A N/A 4” Dust Plug A1 with chain N/A 1 lbs N/A N/A
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