The FLSmidth Cut-Off Slide Gate is available for four different modes of operation to meet specific control situations:
  1. hand wheel operated
  2. chain wheel operated
  3. electric motor operated
  4. air cylinder operated
Each type is equipped with adjustable limit switches. Except for the air cylinder operation, the units use a rack and pinion for gate movement. The #304 stainless steel gate shaft is sealed within the body using an asbestos Teflon® impregnated packing.

Three different material combinations are available for greater economy in selection and for specific handling requirements.
  1. Class #40 cast iron body with carbon steel gate
  2. Cast #319 aluminum body with #304 stainless steel gate
  3. Complete #304 stainless steel body and gate

The body is solid, cast metal, two-piece bolted construction for ease of servicing. Machined for close fit. Integral cast shelf relief cuts provide a self-cleaning feature permitting smoother slide-through and support for the gate across the entire plane of travel.

Control Devices
The hand wheel and chain wheel operated units use wheel mounted externally of the body valve and supports.

For motor operation, a one-third (1/3) HP, 25 rpm, TENV right angle gearmotor with a unibrake is mounted on the supports. Gearmotors are 230/460 Volt, 60 Hz AC.

For air cylinder operation, the cylinder complete with slide valve and solenoids for 120 V, 60 Hz AC electrical supply is similarly mounted.
Unit of Measure



N/A 5 x 5 in.


N/A Chain Wheel Operated

Motor Power

N/A 1/3 hp

Motor Speed

N/A 25 rpm

Gear Motor

N/A TENV Right Angle, 230/460 Volt, 60 Hz


N/A Aluminum


Dimension A

N/A 5 in.

Dimension B

N/A 2 1/2 in.

Dimension C

N/A 9 1/8 in.

Dimension D

N/A 4 9/16 in.

Dimension E

N/A 8 1/4 in.

Dimension F

N/A 3 15/16 in.

Dimension J

N/A 5/8 in.

Dimension K

N/A 8 in.

Dimension L

N/A 9/16 in.

Dimension M

N/A 36 5/8 in.

Dimension N

N/A 3/8 in.

Dimension P

N/A 5 in.

Dimension R

N/A 7 1/4 in.

Dimension S

N/A 9 1/2 in.

Dimension T

N/A 8 3/8 in.

Dimension Q

N/A 2 1/2 in.

Dimension U

N/A 10 in.

Dimension V

N/A 31 1/4 in.

Dimension W

N/A 35 3/4 in.

Dimension X

N/A 6 1/8 in.


N/A FLSmidth Cut-Off Slide Gates are applied to bin outlets and spouts to provide positive cut-off or unrestricted flow of dry, pulverized materials. They are available in a full range of sizes, with manual, air cylinder, or electric motor operation and of cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel construction.

Rugged construction and precise machining assure proper alignment and free movement of the slide from full-open to full-closed positions. The body design is such that the slide is completely enclosed throughout the full stroke, and supported by uniquely designed lugs, there by providing a dust-free, non-sticking, self-cleaning operation. These units can also be used to meter free-flowing materials by utilizing slide position(s) other than full open.


N/A Top & bottom flange are identical. kWh/metric ton